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    CRI200 injector tester

    • No.:CRI200
    • Brand :hongwave
    • Weight:3KG

    full funcation common rail injector tester

    1. Detailed information

    CRI200 common rail injector tester

           1、Supply voltage: 220V single-phase;

             2、Chinese and English menu, may freely switch;

             3、Support magnetic and piezo injectors;

                 (BOSCH, DENSO,DELPHI, PIZEO, DENSO2,Caterpillar)         

             4、counting function;

             5、Overcurrent and short circuit protection;

             6、Support magnetic injector impedance measurement;

             7、Record number of users;

             8、Customizable boot LOGO。

    common rail system  | Hongwave Technology

    common rail system  | Hongwave Technology

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