EUS1600 EUI/EUP tester can be connected to a laptop for testing,

    You can also use the tester's built-in 5-inch touch screen to test;

1. Support all types of EUI/EUP tests (test plan can be added and edited)

    (Including electromagnetic, piezoelectric, double pulse M11, double solenoid valve dephi E3,HPI X15,QSK60)

2. Support three kinds of cam signal input of Hall, magnetoelectric and encoder;

3. Support BIP signal input and display BIP value(BIP sensor and adapter required);

4. Support flow sensor signal input and display flow value(Judge whether the flow is qualified or not, and support common flowmeter models);

5. Injector resistance, inductance or capacitance can be measured (standard data can be added);

6. It can drive an electromagnetic injector or a piezoelectric injector,

    (Built-in more than 3,500 standard data);

7. IQA coding of common rail injector can be generated (optional).

8. Common rail injector opening pressure/opening pulse width test, single injection test;

9. AHE lift test of common rail injector;

10. It can drive CAT HEUI injector (built-in test plan);

11. The drive current and voltage of the injector are adjustable;

12. The drive waveform can be displayed (the same as the waveform measured by the oscilloscope);

13. More than a dozen language interfaces are available;

14. It can be remotely assisted on the Internet and can be upgraded with one key;

15. Standard 2U chassis design, high-grade aluminum alloy panel, with fixed ears, easy to fix to the cabinet.


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