1. Support testing various electromagnetic and piezoelectric injectors;

    Various common rail pumps, HEUI injectors, HEUI pumps, CAT-320 pumps (optional);

2. Support test injector parameters: opening pressure / pulse width,QR coding, BIP, RLC, AHE (optional);

3. Support testing various EUI / EUP;

4. Support various electric control pump tests (VP37, RED4, VP44, DENSO V3 / 4/5), and various SCR doser;

5. Motor power: 15 ~ 22KW;

6. Power supply voltage: AC 380V;

7. Dimensions: length*width*height, 2260×1280×1930mm;

8. Weight:1100kg;

9. 19 inch touch display;

10. Support software and appearance customization.

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