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Com-Rail CR708C

CRS-708C high-pressure common rail test bench is our latest generation of automatic electronic control system detection equipment that can test BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS and other brands of the common rail injection pump and injectors, and the latest piezo injectors; on this basis, customers can choose according to need distribution unit pump / pump nozzle EUI / EUP detection system; Carter HEUI pressure Common rail Inspection system. The device dynamic simulation engine injection system conditions, the output torque, low noise; Common Rail pump and injector testing using high-precision flow sensor measurement is more accurate and more stable; test rig pump speed, and the amount of fuel injection pulse width oil, rail pressure by the real-time control of industrial computer data acquisition, built more than 400 kinds of data, 19〃 LCD display sharper; exclusive design testing process and user-friendly interface, the operation is more intelligent and more convenient. The shell is made of CNC equipment manufacturing, beautiful and durable. The device supports remote fault diagnosis, making maintenance more quickly and conveniently.

Technical Features

  • the host drive with frequency control;

  • real-time control of industrial computer, Windows operating system. Can realize remote fault diagnosis, make equipment maintenance more convenient;

  • the amount of oil flow measured by the sensor by 19〃 LCD display;

Percentage (D) of the drive signal is adjustable;

  • using original BOSCH rail, DRV rail pressure control, real-time measurement of rail pressure, rail pressure closed-loop control, and has a high voltage protection function;

  • the use of forced cooling temperature control system;

  • injector drive pulse width is adjustable;

  • short-circuit protection;

  • the use of plexiglass protection, operating more intuitive, more secure.


First, the common rail pump testing

  • the detection brand: BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS;

  • testing common rail pump seal;

  • the detection of the internal pressure of the common rail pump;

  • testing common rail pump proportional solenoid valve;

  • pump performance testing common rail pump;

  • testing common rail pump flow;

  • real-time measurement of rail pressure;

Second, the common rail injector testing

  • the detection brand: BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS, piezo injectors;

  • can detect common rail injector sealing;

  • measuring Rail injector pre-injection;

  • measuring Rail injector largest oil;

  • measuring Rail injector start fuel;

  • measuring high pressure common rail injector average oil;

  • measurement Rail injector return quantity;

  • it can query, store, generate the database.

Third, choose Configuration 1: EUP / pump nozzle EUI / EUP detection system

Fourth, optional 2: Carter HEUI Pressure Common Rail Inspection System

Technical Parameters

  • pulse width: 0.1 ~ 5ms;

  • Fuel temperature: 40 ± 2 ℃;

  • rail pressure: 0 ~ 1800 bar;

  • The test oil filtration precision: 5μ;

  • Input power: 380V three-phase or three-phase 220V;

  • test bench speed: 0 to 4000 rev / min;

  • Fuel tank capacity: 60L;

  • Flywheel inertia: 0.8KG.M2;

  • Center height: 125MM;

  • output power: 11KW;

  • overall dimensions (MM): 1900 × 800 × 1550;

  • Weight: 800 kg.


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