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ShenZhen hongwave Technology Co., Ltd. located in Henggang Town, Shenzhen, china,mainly engaged in automotive electronics and consumer electronics product development, providing customers with a complete system solution, Currently Mainly focused on the following areas:

        1、Embedded Products
             a、Embedded development board, Industrial Motherboard;
             b、Embedded underlying,system,middleware;
             c、Android system underlying and application development;
             d、 Internet of Things;

        2、Industrial control products:
             a、high pressure common rail diesel engine control system;
             b、common rail injector, common rail pump tester;
             c、industrial computers, industrial displays;

        3、OEM/ODM products:

             a、Undertake consumer electronics and industrial control products, software and

                  hardware design and customization;

        After several years of accumulation, the company has a strong R & D team,now has developed into research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises.

       The company has modern production and test equipment, Through specifications procedures and rigorous testing to ensure product quality, by constantly absorbing talents and reasonable incentive mechanism, the company's R & D strength has been in the same industry leading position, market share also maintain a good momentum of growth.

       HongWave Technology will continue to develop, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, continued to develop the domestic and foreign main market, promote "technological innovation, quality-oriented, customer first" business philosophy, depending on customer satisfaction as their responsibility, to build the company for aftermarket equipment industry and electronics design industry's leading companies.

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